It is Finished

As Jesus uttered these memorable words, the veil to the Holy of Holies was rent from top to bottom, signifying an answer had been found to history’s most complex set of problems. Let us look at how the life, suffering and death of Jesus fully solved the problems of restoring the broken God-man relationship.

One does not solve an unlovely problem with a lovely solution. That’s like sentencing a convicted murderer to a week’s work in a florist shop. It doesn’t help him and it certainly devastates society. If all we desire to do is protect society, then full punishment is sufficient. But God wanted more than this. He wanted the protection of society and the reformation of a sinner.

As Jesus with all His rights to dignity and greatness died in such a gruesome manner, the entire spectacle took on overwhelming impact. This was no mere bleating animal, but the man who had claimed deity, substantiating His claim with remarkable miracles and impeccability. The moral force generated by the life and passion of this Lamb proved to be of far greater intensity than the threat of eternal punishment had ever been.

The account of the Greek king, Zaleucus, is a prime analogy of God’s remarkable solution on Calvary. His kingdom plagued with chronic adultery, Zaleucus issued an edict that anyone caught in the act would lose their eyesight. The result was a dramatic and immediate halt to the epidemic of infidelity. Then with a tragic twist of irony, the King’s son was indicted as the initial violator of the new edict.

After wrestling with the situation, in much the same way as his historical predecessor Darius, the king made his decision. Assembling the people together King Zaleucus, in the audience of his subjects, proceeded to put out one of his son’s eyes and then—one of his own. In this act the king was able to uphold his law, reveal conclusively his hatred of evil, and free the son he loved. In that kingdom the sight of a one-eyed king was a far greater moral deterrent than a totally blind son.

In the atonement God revealed Himself to man in the clearest of terms. The Bible tells us that Jesus was an exact representation of God’s nature. Jesus states, “He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father …. “ (John 14:9). The heart of God Himself was lifted up on a cross for the world to behold as He suffered, agonized and finally burst under the weight of man’s sins.

It was evidently a new and deeper revelation of the depth of God’s love to the host of heavenly beings. This revelation would have been lost had there not been an opportunity for God to pour Himself out in such a manner.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son … John 3:16