Sin is Continuous

Unfortunately the parade of depravity continues to march down the corridors of human history without fatigue. It is but a brief respite when God leaves His weeping over Adam’s race to rejoice over an obedient saint. He made them right but they’ve all gone wrong. The planet is in the hands of a race of rebels who have defiantly snatched their lives away from God. They demand liberation from God’s “celestial colonialism.”

In the case of the individual who has chosen to live a life of selfishness, no decision or activity subordinate to this wrong motive of heart may be considered other than “filthy rags.” No matter how “good” our deeds may seem on a human level, as long as our supreme purpose in life remains unchanged “all our righteousness are as filthy rags.” (Isaiah 64:6).

Sin is a choice to seek and maintain our happiness supremely in an unintelligent supposition that this is of paramount importance. This state of sin and rebellion persists until exposed in an encounter with the cross of Jesus Christ.