Chapter 10—Evangelism: Spread The Good Word

Declare His glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people. Psalm 96:3

The Church was not designed to be a reservoir, ever-receiving and retaining for itself God’s spiritual blessings, but rather a conduit conveying them on and out to others everywhere.Robert Hall Glover[1]Robert Hall Glover, The Biblical Basis for Missions, Moody Press, p. 34.

That which is considered lowly, small and worthless, madness to the world … these God chose; in them is the richness of life. Giver of miracles, Sustainer of life: the fish, the birds, the trees, I want to praise You. Remain as my strength so I will be able to tell others. Finnish School Song

In 1973 I was arrested along with several friends in downtown Moscow by the Soviet KGB. The situation developed following an impromptu worship gathering. During the course of my subsequent interrogation, I was emphatically informed there were churches available for the purpose of discussing matters of a religious nature. Following this highly debatable assertion, my interrogators wished to know why I felt it necessary to share my message on the crowded Red Square. I felt their real questions had gone unasked: Why must you share at all? Why have you come to our country to share your own subjective religious experience?

Why had I indeed? What is the rationale behind a decision to travel thousands of miles to share a personal, subjective experience? This is truly something we need to settle in our own hearts before we can approach evangelism with any appreciable zeal. Every year countless hours and enormous sums of money are expended in evangelistic endeavors by Christians who have never asked themselves this essential question, let alone answered it.

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1. Robert Hall Glover, The Biblical Basis for Missions, Moody Press, p. 34.